Our organization in the Bay Area not only raises money and awareness, but also helps to connect you to other 20s and 30s people into a network that is active, involved and super social. It is organized with the goal of getting people to donate resources in a very nurturing manner with community building events.

We fundraise for youth at risk. We are very focused on youth at risk since we believe we can make the biggest impact when youth are in difficult transition.

Organizations we support

Toys for Tots- Our 2002 was the largest toy drive on western seaboard with Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, SF, LA and Honolulu. This was reported by Bill Grein, National Director for Marines Toys for Tots. We have generated over 150,000 toys.

Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, Shaqtacular - This is Shaquille O'Neal primary fundraiser that brings in over $1.5mm. Larry Chiang is the SF Volunteer Chair. Shaq has had Shaqtacular for seven years now.