Where does aa4a get its funding?

Asians and Americans for Action gets support from companies that want to reach out to the Asian community. We do not actively fundraise as our financial needs are paltry. We are an all volunteer staff, spend no money on advertising and produce awesome events for very little money with help from sponsors. 

What is Sunday Night Supper Club (SNSC)?
It is a social component of Asians and Americans for Action. We do a lot of social activities because by meeting people where they are at, they can most easily be influenced. "Sunday Night Supper Club (SNSC)"

What is Eight Minute Advocate?
Signing up for this allow us to email you the updates on the issues that you care about most. 

How can I get involved?
Start by doing something small… email this website to a friend, sign up for the Eight Minute Advocate, or better yet… attend a fun aa4a event!