Paper Trails : A Guide to Public Records in California
by Stephen Levine, Barbara T. Newcombe
Find out a lot about people with not a lot of effort. Great for venture capitalists doing due diligence, employers checking background OR fathers doing research on their daughter's new boyfriend.

Campaign Warriors: Political Consultants in Elections
by James A. Thurber (Editor), Candice J. Nelson (Editor)
Look behind the veil at how politicians use "think tanks" to posture and position to win an election.

The New Americans
by Michael Barone
The future of American politics can be modeled from our past where today's new American resemble immigrant groups of the 19th century where blacks match with Irish, Latinos resemble Italians and Asians pattern after Jews.

The Campaign Manager : Running and Winning Local Elections
by Catherine M. Shaw
This is a basic book that's a great resource for someone running for school board or a small town's council. The book does omit e-marketing ideas and is geared towards a one party view with recommending, "teacher unions and union assemblies" for campaign-workers.

Internet Marketing Secrets : Privacy Marketing and MoreI
by Larry Chiang and Gerri Detweiler
Do you have an Internet business? Are you creating one? Do you want your web site to be as successful, attractive and profitable as possible? Then you need Internet Marketing Secrets: Privacy Marketing and Other Lessons From the Pros! Written by ten experts in the field, this book will give you hands-on advice for creating and marketing your site. These pros have had successes... and failures that you can leverage

The Ultimate Credit Handbook : How to Double Your Credit, Cut Your Debt, and Have a Lifetime of Great Credit
by Gerri Detweiler
Timeless credit tips I have used to save money /make money. These credit tips were the basis for my company, United College Marketing Services.This book was awesome and I used it as the foundation for Credit Strategies Seminars educating over 25mm young adults. It contains great tips on getting and keeping good credit for you. I truly encourage everyone who wants to have awesome credit to get this book. People that I have referred this book to rave about it as well. Libraries have multiple copies and people tell me that they are almost always checked out. My first copy of Utimate Credit Handbook is very worn and close to falling apart... I met Gerri back in 1988 at an International Credit Industry conference. I have never met a more giving person. Her career has been dedicated selflessly to helping consumers. Buy this book because if you don't, you will lose out on thousands of dollars in interest fees. 

Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners
by Letitia Baldrige
I have the theory that social manners, public poise and networking savvy make all the difference in your overall effectiveness. This book was recommended to me over 10 years ago. 

I directly attribute this book to some of my major successes. The critical mentors that I have met "purely by chance" were attracted to me because of social polish. PLUS, when I was a very young entrepreneur, having "executive manners" gave me the chance to sign up major clients who would've had a harder time trusting a 16 year old with critical life issues. 

My work centers on meeting and greeting people and getting people comfortable in interacting. This book is critical for those base social skills. I use the tips, strategies and ideas for helping emerging young adults network better. 

I have recommended this book on multiple occasions. People that I admire most in social circumstances execute the fundamentals taught in this book.