I have a three-part vision…

Revolutionize the stereotypical Asian Org: The Asian American "struggle" is unique to other minorities. Other minorities rally around discrimination. Those days are in the rear view mirror.

Caucasians walk on egg shells when it comes to political correctness. If anything, Asians have a positive stereotype (who ever questioned numbers crunched by an Asian analyst?!) The racism that does exist is dwarfed by "Asian on Asian" discrimination (i.e. a Beijing man's preconceived notion of Cantonese woman's dating habits). Inter-Asian discrimination is rampant but that is different cause that no one has taken up…

In short, Asian American organizations that focus on battling discrimination stand on a very short 'soapbox'. The taller platform is one that aa4a champions encompassing philanthropy and astutely looking for positive PR.

2. High impact results… NOT a lot of time: Provide young, Asian American, professionals easy channels to do philanthropic works- particularly focusing on youth at risk.

3. Break molds: Organize Asians into a positive and potent philanthropcal force and offer non-typical molds. Also, align with celebrities in having them help aa4a.org efforts… Why do they help?! Because we engineer fundraisers that fulfill multiple agenda points they need met.