who is my congressman?

who is my senator?

Asian progress in America stands at a critical crossroads. 

  • Colleges cap the admittance of certain minorities and refuse to solely evaluate academic standing. 

  • Asians represent 7.7% of America's population but muster up less than 2% of America's political officers. 

  • Asian awareness of pertinent political issues pales in comparison to other minorities.

  • The Asian community is slow to show support of community outreach but is NOT out in force and definitely not highly recognizable

The Eight Minute Advocate section makes it easy to get involved and make your voice heard. There is too much at stake in this critical year for Asians Americans to remain silent. 

Here you can quickly: 

  • sign up for alerts on key issues through aa4a's action network 

  • contact Congress about current issues involving Asian Americans, and senate

  • cut and paste action/advocate letters to send to people that set policies and make decisions 

  • send the Eight Minute Advocate page of tools and information to a friend. 

For even more ideas on how to make a difference, see 
10 Ways to Boost

10 Ways to Mobilize the Asian Community:

1. Sign up for aa4a's Email Action Network and receive regular updates on Asian American issues via e-mail. 

2. Sign the Asians and American's For Action Petition to Make February, "Asian Educator Appreciation Month". 

3. Register to vote (and vote… absentee if you have to). 

4. Attend the annual Valentines Day fundraiser that benefits www.RAINN.org/sf www.evite.com/larry@larrychiang.com/Feb14

5. See an Asian movie in a first run movie theatre.
6. Talk about aa4a.org website with your friends and co-host a philanthropy event. 

7. Host (or co-host) a coffee or happy hour that promotes a cause i.e Shanghai-nese Social Night or Mandarin Speaking Night at the Asian Art Museum. 

8. The next time you meet a celebrity, confidently ask if they want YOUR ORG, aa4a, to GIVE up to 1,500 toys for a charity of their choice. MUCH better than the usual 'drop-jawed' greeting… eh?!. 

9. Organize a group of your friends to attend an event on the aa4a calendar

10. Attend a benefit concert in San Francisco.