Our mantra is to mobilize a grassroots organization that creates for high profile events. We do so by partnering with top celebrities, recruit passionately active volunteers, generate publicity for upcoming events, fundraise for terrific causes/candidates and organize the Asian community to polarize philanthropically.

My organization has received GLOWING reviews because it raises significant monies (over $2mm a year) with NO PAID STAFF. The money we fundraise is completely pass-thru, meaning we never touch the money. The sponsors cut a check directly to the benefiting philanthropy.

I am involved because I want to make a positive impact. People talk about how things could be better… I serve my community by developing bite-sized tasks that young professionals execute to break negative patterns. For example, the Eight Minute Advocate is a great tool to use that collects issues you may already be interested in but didn't know how to support OR don't see an opportunity to do so.

With aa4a, I see a way to break the negativity in our communities that is cyclical. My belief is that the way to break the chain of negativity is from the outside. Infusing love, care and work (Blood, sweat and tears) go a long way in making a POSITIVE difference. Help me and rally others to join aa4a and support the people we support financially with a direct money or time donation. Seeing the positive difference aa4a programs have is unmistakably the most attractive aspect of volunteering with me at aa4a.

Together, we can take a step towards putting healing, health and love to people who need it most.